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I have just re-launched my entire business, in order to bring a fresh, novel and inspiring approach to the world of must-win pursuits and bid production.

Below is the first in the series of a new strategic news production, which I intend to use to bring in-depth, high-value, industry-specific insights, advisory pieces, and other coverage, to my clientele and subscribers.

I trust that, over the coming months, you and your bid team will find real value in the type of issues I intend to cover and the related broad base of practical, usable content I will provide. (However, please feel free to unsubscribe if this doesn’t match your current interests – see button at bottom of email.)

Jordan Kelly – Bid Strategist

Latest Radio Post

Milking the Most from A Post-Bid Debrief

September, 2021

Maximising the value of debriefing opportunities offered to you by client-side organisations is a serious, but worthwhile, endeavour.

The degree to which you treat it that way is the degree to which you’ll experience compounding advantage over your competitors.


Effective immediately, all informational and educational dispatches will be posted to BID COMMANDOS’ sister site,  Pursuits Academy.

Beating the Big Boys At Bids

August, 2021

Part One of a 5-Part Special Series on how Small & Medium Enterprises can take (non-price-based) advantage of numerous chinks in the armour of larger corporate bidding competitors.

If you’re allergic to political incorrectness and the absence of (counterproductive) diplomacy, best you avoid this particular BID COMMANDO RADIO segment.