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  • Civil Infrastructure, Engineering, Construction & Industrial Services

    My No. 1 specialty. I became an expert bid strategist, writer and multiple-times published author in the civil infrastructure / engineering / construction sectors back in 2006, in the heyday of Australia’s project alliancing (later dubbed “collaborative contracting”) movement.

    This (predominantly) non-price-based, “collaborative contracting” contractual methodology was relied upon by the Australian Federal and State governments to power through a massive backlog of infrastructure projects and placate an expanding national populace that would wait no longer for their delivery.

    With every Tier One player able “to do the job” in most instances, evaluators look (a) to find the most significant points of competitive superiority and differentiation in the proponents’ key personnel, and (b) to identify the proponent with the best culturally and attitudinally aligned team to partner with them over the several years that some of these major and megaprojects could take to deliver.

    Jordan Kelly in Municipal Engineering Australia:
    Why Engineers Could be More Compelling than the Average Sales ‘Pro’

    JK Bid Critiquing ‘Breaks Insular Group Think’

    “In the high stakes, ultra-competitive infrastructure services market, true insight and strategic excellence are invaluable in achieving success.

    “Jordan practices what she preaches, and has the ability to provide an independent and insightful critique of the kind that can break the insular group-think that major bid teams can self-create.

    “I can recommend Jordan as an advisor to teams looking to check and challenge themselves and their strategies for success before finding out the hard way.”

    Rod Naylor
    General Manager
    Veolia Water North America (New York)

    ‘A Well-Defined & Targeted Bid Strategy & Bid Writing Coaching Program’

    “Jordan was engaged by Abigroup Contractors to independently review historical bids, suggest document improvements and enhance its pre-bid smarts.

    “Through a well-defined and targeted coaching program, skilfully articulated by Jordan, our bid staff gained an invaluable appreciation of the strategic importance of well-researched proposals, in-depth questioning, and forming a deeper understanding of our clients’ value criteria.

    “For those companies or individuals serious about the need for their staff to actually think and so improve the ‘non-cost’ and ‘quality elements’ of their relationship contract bid submissions, I recommend Jordan to you.”

    Steve Abson
    General Manager – Northern Region,
    Abigroup Contractors (Australia)

    ‘A Provocative, Challenging & Totally Dedicated Teacher’

    “Jordan is a provocative, challenging and totally dedicated teacher. She is relentless in her pursuit of success on her client’s behalf. This is a very good thing for any organisation that wants to improve its proficiency in business-critical proposals and RFT responses.

    “Jordan will accept nothing less than the best output in any area of performance, from preliminary research through to end-product, and the quality of her coaching in all of those areas is such that each member actually does achieve to the very best of their ability, which increases every time she works with us.”

    Simon Ormes
    Business Development Manager (North Queensland Division)
    Abigroup Contractors

    ‘She Has A Great Coaching Style’

    “The skill sets she teaches are highly relevant to our business. They can make a huge difference in converting opportunities into prospects, or even creating opportunities in the first place. She has a great coaching style, and whenever resistance arose she handled it well in my view.

    “She also showed us how to weave some of her own magic through our writing, to create continuity, relevance and a compelling, readable style. I picked up some great ideas, techniques and principles in these session, which I’ll be putting into practice immediately.”

    Alliance project manager and bid leader
    Alliance Network International Pty Ltd

    ‘Results-Driven Mega Project Bidding Strategist’

    “Jordan is a results-driven megaproject bidding strategist and a serious thinking author. She combines those two very valuable skills to produce pragmatic, insightful advice for those who read her books.

    “She’s candid, focused and erudite in her works, and interested in the application of her strategic intelligence to the science of winning bids in the international construction sector.

    “She has been able to capture her insightful thinking in a way that provides meaningful and practical assistance to her readers.

    “Further, her broad field of authorship is testament to her skills.”

    Dr Bill Young
    Asia Pacific Federation of Project Management
    Hong Kong

    ‘Best Possible Non-Price Inputs to A Winning Bid’

    “Jordan does considerable research into the non-price attributes section of a tender to ensure it is project-specific (non-generic) and relevant. This serves to ensure the best possible non-price adjustments are made to the tendered price to achieve a winning bid.”

    Tim Grammer
    Senior Engineer
    Fletcher Construction New Zealand
  • Defence Bids

    Defence is truly a world of its own. Bidding for defence contracts is not for the uninitiated.

    A solid understanding of the systems, processes, culture, language and mindset of the Forces is paramount to credibility in every section of a Defence bid.

    I conducted the primary research for a complex and challenging strategy for a major (global) infrastructure player in its effort to turn around an earlier disaster in delivering a Defence project, and win back its credibility in the Australian military procurement environment.

    Following the formulation of this overarching strategy, I went on to produce a detailed blueprint for a daring bid for the highest-profile Defence contract bid (a Royal Australian Air Force project) in Australia of the immediate era. However (to my chagrin), a delay in the ADF’s release of the tender call resulted in another agency enacting the strategy, since I was by then holed up producing my magnus opus duo, ‘Cracking the VfM Code: How to Identify & Deliver Genuine Value for Money in Collaborative Contracting’ (Book 1) and ‘Cracking the VfM Code’ (Book 2) Value for Money … Understanding It & Articulating Your Ability to Deliver It’– in response to industry demand.

    However, over the ditch in New Zealand, my authorship activities had not prevented me from directing the strategy inputs for a bid widely recognised throughout the country’s capital, Wellington, as “the biggest game in town” i.e. a contract to revolutionise the telecommunications environment of the New Zealand Defence Force. We won a hard battle . . . TelstraClear was an Australian company and it was generally considered it had no hope against this somewhat parochial country’s own homegrown telco giant, and several other players far longer established in the New Zealand marketplace than my client.

    ‘Thrilled With Your Contribution to Winning Defence Bid’

    “Jordan, thank you so very much.

    “Your contribution to our winning bid was greatly appreciated. We are all thrilled here at the win with the New Zealand Defence Force.

    “Again, our thanks.”

    The Bid Team
    TelstraClear (Telecommunications)
    New Zealand

    (From a Thank You card accompanying one of the two bunches of flowers from the triumphant TelstraClear team.)


  • Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

    The phenomenal growth in this market has taken place in lockstep with the number of players, as well as the increase in variety of company type and size, providing the array of services in the disaster recovery and business continuity sector.

    Service providers tend to substantially weight their boasting on “hard” factors like technology, facilities and location. Yet each of those factors, and the combination thereof, is either undermined or complemented by the “people factor”.

    My first taste of the criticality of representing the value of this sector to the business community, came after 9/11. It was also my introduction to just how badly bids were produced i.e. they were seen as extensions of a company’s marketing collateral . . . generic, rah rah, self-centric fluff.

    That’s where I realised that my strategic smarts belonged more in equipping corporations to produce strategic, client-centric proposals, than it did back in the mainstream marketing environment.

    Nowadays, it’s a foolish enterprise that dismisses the need for carefully selected, robust DR provisions. However, the critical selection criteria have evolved markedly for prepared and progressive organisations, and there are now more competitive variables involved than might be immediately obvious to either side of the bidding equation.

  • Export

    If reconnaissance is critical to any market entry endeavour, pursuing export markets or bidding for overseas contracts puts this need into the highest gear possible.

    Export partners, customers and clients need rock solid reassurance that your people understand not only their environment and markets, but also the cultural nuances with which your people are likely to be faced in servicing their contract with your enterprise.

    In reconnaissance, the chain of investigation is longer, deeper and wider. The intel sources are broader. They take even more qualification than a domestic market pursuit. And they take greater cross-checking, contextualisation and analysis – before you even begin to assemble the components of a market entry, or bid, strategy. Ideally, they take savvy identification of, co-operation with, and investigation through, a local business partner.

    Thus, there’s not one, but at least two, levels of reconnaissance and strategy involved in an export pursuit. You need to know what you’re doing, or you’ll very easily lose your shirt.

    Jordan Kelly in New Zealand Business:
    How to Succeed At Overseas Bidding

    Her Bid Strategy & Writing Coaching is ‘Practical, Specific, Logical and Detailed’

    “Jordan has really given us the ability to think in detail from a client’s point of view when preparing a bid. Being International Business Manager and dealing across different continents, I can proudly say that Jordan will help you to upgrade your thinking skills when dealing with every type of bid or client.

    “Her coaching is very practical, specific, logical and detailed. Thanks.”

    Manoj Kumar
    International Business Manager
    Ecotech Pty Ltd Melbourne (Head Office)


  • Facilities Management

    With the long-term (and often, client-interwoven) nature of these contracts, signing into an arrangement with a company the personnel of which are incompatible culturally, ethically or even intellectually, represents one of the greatest fears of clients in the facilities management space.

    That’s one characteristic of FM bids. Another characteristic is inherent pre-bid intangibility of any claims you make. Sure, you can table references, strut your smarts, and hail your resources . . . but unlike, say, infrastructure bidders, you can’t point to something physical and say, “We built that.” So, short of reputation, you’re dealing with intangibles in many of your potential aspects of differentiation.

    Further, for smaller or newer players, you’re up against the massive, household names that have decades of entrenchment across all the arenas in which FM bids are issued. Real smarts are needed to pull up out of a real “IBM” environment (with reference to the old marketing professors’ maxim, “Nobody ever got fired for buying IBM” ).

    I’ve conducted deep reconnaissance and market entry campaigns aimed at wedging big-name players out of prized territory, such as the running of large mining camp accommodation facilities bids. Not easy. But with depth, discipline and detailed documentation you will find, it’s . . . mission accomplished.

    ‘Skilful Strategy Facilitation & First-Class Bid Writing’

    “I’ve worked with Jordan for six years on many different projects and many different objectives, and I heartily endorse both her skills and her service levels.

    “I am always surprised at the challenging briefs Jordan is able to execute. She can take a market sector or subject area that is completely unfamiliar to her and generate smart, insightful and implementable strategies.

    “Her strategy formulation skills are complemented by her skilful facilitation, her first-class writing skills, and by the fact that she delivers on time, every time.”

    Steve Abson
    Chief Operating Officer
    Ostwald Bros Queensland


  • Finance, Banking & Insurance

    While these fields are highly specialist, ironically, participants often struggle to communicate meaningful competitive differentiation.

    In insurance, many bidders are challenged in the arena of making non-price attributes as important as financial considerations.

    In finance, journalists and other intermediary opinion leaders can make or break the perception of an organisation (like a fund manager) in the marketplace, and many enterprises simply don’t know how to change their strategies and messaging sufficiently for the different types of audience.

    ‘You Are Obviously A Very Talented Strategic Writer’

    “I have received the final copy of my new-business proposal. Just to let you know that I am very happy with this document. I do feel very fortunate that our paths crossed as you have produced something on my behalf which will provide me with a distinct competitive edge.

    “You have made this process very simple; you are obviously a very talented strategic writer and your ability to quickly understand my business needs has been very impressive. Thank you also for your quick turnaround time and the very professional service you have provided to me.”

    Robyn Norman
    General Manager – Compulsory Third Party
    QBE Insurance Group Australia


  • Hospitality & Corporate Travel

    Corporate travel is an intensely competitive arena, with a distinct need for differentiation.

    What’s your specific client value proposition? Is it your strength in relationships? Your technology prowess? The depth, breadth and detailed comprehensiveness of your collective service offering?

    Or are you a price leader?

    Jordan Kelly in Conventions Industry Magazine:
    Fall in Love with Your Destination Through the Prospect’s Eyes

    ‘A Very Strategic Letter & An Open Client Door’

    “Recently I found myself in a position where I needed to decline an invitation to tender for a large corporation’s travel account.

    “Having had a commercial arrangement with the corporation for the past 12 years, I wanted to be in the position of severing the relationship on good terms and keeping the door open for possible future contact.

    “Jordan was recommended to me as someone who could assist with compiling suitable correspondence that was beyond the normal ‘thanks but no thanks’ letter.

    “Many questions were asked and I had to search the far reaches of my thoughts to be able to give Jordan the answers – at times thinking, ‘What has this got to do with declining a tender offer?’

    “However, the end product was a very strategic letter that I could never have put together by myself, and a door that remains very much open (and business that continues to be done) with my most important customer, despite the fact that my company decided not to participate in the RFT.

    “Thanks Jordan!”

    Bruce Tener
    Managing Director
    Balgownie World Travel Sydney, Australia


  • Human Resources & Executive Search

    There’s only one way to describe this industry:  Cut-throat. Post-COVID19, let’s make that cut-throat on steroids.

    It’s going to be critical – in a flooded marketplace – for an executive search firm to demonstrate its ability and tenacity to skim off the cream of very large crops of candidates. Big brand names and processes aside, it ultimately comes down to the competitively superior skill set and natural talents of each of the firm’s recruitment specialists.

    ‘No Brief Too Challenging’

    “I’ve worked with Jordan for six years on many different projects and many different objectives, and I heartily endorse both her skills and her service levels.

    “I am always surprised at the challenging briefs Jordan is able to execute. She can take a market sector or subject area that is completely unfamiliar to her and generate smart, insightful and implementable strategies.

    “Her strategy formulation skills are complemented by her skilful facilitation, her first-class writing skills, and by the fact that she delivers on time, every time.”

    Steve Abson
    Flagstaff Consulting Group


  • Information Technology

    There’s often a great irony at play in bid submissions in this sector.

    The bidder is falling over itself to show off its technical smarts and advancements. However, within the evaluation team are usually several non-IT buffs who are there (a) from other key procurement-interested departments, and (b) to ensure the interests of a broader base of stakeholders are optimally served.

    Demonstrating the ability to communicate, and ultimately work, at both ends of the IT-savvy spectrum is central to ensuring all members of the evaluation team, and other involved stakeholders, fully grasp the bid’s key content and strategic messaging. It’s also central to reassuring the client that your personnel will be able to adequately relate to, and communicate with, all user groups within the organisation.

    Rarely, however, is this critical balance struck – or, at least, to an optimal degree.

    ‘Remarkable Talent As A Strategic Writer’

    “Jordan Kelly recently provided guidance of extraordinarily high quality to Oracle in the planning and production of an important strategic communication project.

    “Her sharpness of mind, objectivity and lateral thinking skills were the perfect resources to help us clarify and convey the competitive strengths of our solution.

    “Consolidating the benefits of her facilitation skills is her remarkable talent as a strategic writer. This ensured we effectively communicated the superiority of the Oracle solution.”

    Cheenu Srinivasan
    Director – Planning & Operations
    Oracle Corporation

    ‘Integral Role in Our Contract Win’

    “Jordan, you played an integral role in our management team’s success in winning the $100 million Emergency Alerting System contract with the Victorian Government.

    “We knew without doubt that we had the superior offering … and you made sure that the fit between our ability and the client’s needs was immediately recognised by the evaluation committee.

    “You have an inherent ability to see exactly what intelligence needs to be acquired in a complex and critical tender process, and you have an equally impressive ability as a strategic planning facilitator.

    “We thank you for your efforts on our behalf.”

    Wesley Dart
    Commercial Manager
    LSE Technology (Australia) Pty Ltd

    ‘Raised the Morale of the Bid Team . . . Personable & Stimulating’

    “I first worked with Jordan when I was with a small technically-oriented company bidding for a major Government project. She quickly realised that we lacked the “big picture” on how to present ourselves and our proposal to the many and varied stakeholders who would contribute to the final decision.

    “Her strategic thinking led us well outside our normal comfort zone, but she was able to convince us that her approach was the most likely to win over the doubters and the risk-averse.

    “Along the way she wrote much professional and excellent copy, and greatly raised the morale of the bid team (who were ultimately successful).

    “I strongly recommend Jordan for her ability to think creatively but clearly, and to communicate the results in a personable and stimulating manner.”

    John Lush
    Principal Consultant
    John Lush & Associates (Technology Project Managers, Australia)

    ‘Re-defined Our Value Proposition’

    “We called Jordan in because the increasing pace of mergers and acquisitions within the IT and Communications industry was beginning to see Allaw lose vital relationship continuity with our large corporate clients. This was eroding a significant part of our long-standing business base.

    “It was important not only to reposition our services with the identified new key partners within those client organisations (clients such as NCR, HP-Compaq, Nortel Networks) but also to re-define our value proposition, in order to strengthen our relationship with them.

    “Jordan played an essential role in helping us define our offering, along with its strategic and competitive strengths. Importantly, she also helped us align these with the clients’ needs in such a manner that we became their only sensible choice of service provider.”

    Walter Schwalbe
    Director of Business Development
    Allaw Pty Ltd (Vendor Warranty Service) Sydney, Australia

    ‘Thrilled with Your Contribution’ to Winning Defence Bid

    “Jordan, thank you so very much.

    “Your contribution to our winning bid was greatly appreciated. We are all thrilled here at the win with the New Zealand Defence Force.

    “Again, our thanks.”

    TelstraClear (Telecommunications)
    New Zealand

    (From a Thank You card accompanying one of the two bunches of flowers from the triumphant TelstraClear team.)

  • Market-Led Proposals (MLPs)

    In stark contrast to standard, client-initiated EOIs and RFPs, in a Market-Led Proposal it’s your job to make clear, to the client organisation, its “why”.

    Secondly, and directly related, it’s incumbent upon you to take any soft and subjective reasoning with which you have led into your proposal, and convert these into hard-core, tangible, measurable outcomes and stakeholder benefits.

    The rationale underpinning the selection of your delivery personnel is critically important in the context of a proactive proposal like an MLP. You must demonstrate your ability to de-risk a project that might not be put to market (read: the client has no opportunity to make competitive comparisons in terms of competence and surety of outcome).

    In many contexts, there is a close conceptual connection between collaborative contracting and project alliancing, and Market-Led Proposals.

    The most significant key of all, is to demonstrate that the sum total of the value you intend to deliver, and are capable of delivering, is a unique feature of your abilities. Furthermore, that it’s so closely aligned with the needs, desires and visions of the bid’s recipient, that that recipient is rendered totally unwilling to consider any other potential supplier for the execution of your proposition.

    ‘Cracking the VfM Code’

    “Your book has seen our organisation take an elevated, improved approach to the whole Value for Money (VfM) question. You’ve inspired an additional focus on getting VfM clear – up front. This has worked its way right through the project development phases of our projects; all my project directors now think at this elevated level.

    “The book has also opened people’s eyes to the current issues surrounding the direction that alliances have been moving in. You have provided clarity about where we are taking relationship contracting per se.”

    Menno Henneveld
    Managing Director
    Main Roads Western Australia

    “Jordan has presented an excellent, easy-to-read collection of thoughts and insights by industry leaders. She takes the whole Value for Money concept and debate, and makes sense of it.

    “After reading her book, VfM will no longer seem some specialised ‘black box’ procedure (as previously perceived by the industry). Not only does the book look to the past to learn lessons for the future, Jordan also seeks to challenge the industry ‘brains trust’ over the specific potential for collaborative contracting to solve what have thus far proven enduring problems for our sector.”

    Wade Arthur
    Executive Manager
    CGI Consulting Melbourne, Australia

    ‘Results-Driven Megaproject Bidding Strategist’

    “Kelly’s ‘Cracking the VfM Code in Collaborative Contract Bidding’ strikes to the core of how to go about winning bids in a highly competitive and often confused market, and additionally, a market laced with cynicism regarding contractor performance. Her insightful and candid explanations provide fundamental wisdom applicable to both Project Owners and Project Contractors.

    “She does not profess any short cuts to trying to achieve ‘quick success’, but rather advocates the disciplined application of intelligence and thinking, to get the best results.

    “The usefulness of her book goes well beyond being simply applicable to collaborative contracting, but also extends into the management of projects in general.”

    Dr Bill Young
    President Asia Pacific Federation of Project Management
    Hong Kong

    (Former President of the Australian Institute of Project Management)

    “There is a significant place in the provision of the world’s economic and social infrastructure for collaborative working. In short, the challenges of providing infrastructure, now and into the future, will remain significant.

    “We need, globally, to investigate, refine and apply the very best approaches to achieve its efficient, cost-effective delivery.

    “This book, written by Jordan Kelly, is an in-depth coverage both of the benefits and of the difficulties associated with the collaborative working concept, as applied to infrastructure procurement. It is a must-read for those who wish to understand what might be possible through its application.”

    Dr Robert Care
    AM United Kingdom,
    Middle East & South Africa Director and Chair Arup Group

    ‘A Well-Defined & Targeted Bid Strategy & Bid Writing Coaching Program’

    “She (Jordan Kelly) illuminates – in a way that no-one before her has – the subject of VfM.

    “Cracking the VfM Code™:   How to Identify & Deliver Genuine Value for Money in Collaborative Contracting  is a book that is as timely as it is timeless, both in its perspectives and in its content.”

    Steve Abson
    President (2009-2011)
    Queensland Major Contractors Association
  • Professional Services

    Here’s one of the fundamental mistakes I observe professional services firms making:

    It’s being focused, first and foremost, on communicating their own brilliance, before fully demonstrating a comforting depth and detail of understanding of the client’s needs and issues. When that priority leads the thinking that goes into a proposal, rather than being subservient to it, the bidder risks missing the mark with the client, while a more client-centric competitor hits the mark.

    This issue extends into the profiles of the experts you’re putting up to service that client . . . in that, when the client’s team reads the profiles included in the various competing submissions, they’re looking for the ones that demonstrate the closest possible match between their needs and the skills, experience and qualities of the provider’s personnel.

    If you think that sounds very “101”, you’d be surprised at how many professional service firms and their people lose sight of the client when tasked with bragging about themselves – from accountants and auditors, to law firms, to all manner of professional services providers in between.


    ‘Think & Win Bids:Winning High-Value, High-Stakes Bids through Superior Questioning, Listening and Thinking Skills’

    “Written in jargon-free terms, ‘Think & Win Bids’ sets out a surprisingly simple premise for successfully bidding for major infrastructure projects; winning (consistently) depends on the bidder’s willingness and savvy when it comes to the simple act of listening, and the not-so-simple act of knowing how to ask ‘quality questions’.

    “Jordan Kelly pulls no punches in her perspective of superficial ‘win themes’ and the need for something more insightful and substantial in delivering tailored, attentive proposals. I finished the book with a clearer understanding of how to assist clients in formulating and effecting bid strategy (both before and after the official procurement phases) without the need for gimmicks, but focused on the basic skill of listening.

    “This may well become required reading for all bid managers and others involved in bidding projects.”

    David Holden

    Russell McVeagh Lawyers


    ‘Jordan Kelly’s is the Very Best Brain You Could Hire’

    “If you require a strategic thinker who can apply a laser sharp and incisive line of questioning, who can cut through jargon and clutter like a knife, and who can rapidly pull all the elements of the “big picture” into one cohesive strategy, then Jordan Kelly’s is the very best brain you could hire.

    “Jordan has a distinctive, fresh, smart style that greatly focuses the thought processes of an organisation’s own business development team. I for one have found hers to be a far more productive approach than the standard “methodologies” employed by so many consultants.”

    “The benefits of this style include not only the production of winning bids but also a very effective transfer of her skills to those executives fortunate to be part of the strategy sessions she so deftly facilitates.”

    Steven Di Pietro

    Managing Director

    Shop ‘n’ Chek Australasia

  • Public Private Partnerships (PPPs)

    The growing pressure on Governments globally to make progress in clearing their (social and economic) public infrastructure backlogs has brought about – in an increasing number of jurisdictions – a willingness to consider Public Private Partnership (PPP) ventures.

    Bidding PPP projects is not only very different to producing any other type of bid, it’s also a highly specialised endeavour.. Any new, intending consortium has a steep learning curve ahead.

    Jordan Kelly in Construction Digital (UK, Mainland Europe & U.S.):
    Pitching NZ PPPs: Creativity vs Cost

    ‘A Great Jump Start to Bidding PPP Projects’

    “I have worked with Jordan to develop a coaching program for companies and individuals wishing to improve their knowledge of the bidding process for PPP projects.

    “Drawing on her considerable experience, Jordan skilfully captured and structured the raw content I provided, then complemented it with her own research and Intellectual Property, to create a coaching program which provides a great jump start into a fascinating industry.”

    James Mitchell
    Independent Project Director
    Public Private Partnerships Australia
  • Rail

    Many rail bidders rely almost solely on heralding the engineering, design, technological, performance, and comfort features of their rolling stock when bidding.

    They place secondary emphasis (if much at all) on understanding the background, and societal, historic and political context of the environment into which they are bidding.

    ‘Tender Documentation for Overseas Rail Project’

    “Jordan provided Bombardier Transportation with support to spearhead our tender response strategy for a multi-million dollar overseas rail project.

    “For an engineering organisation, more product-focused than ‘market’-focused, Jordan showed the tender team another way to present the tender that was creative, customer-focused, and ensured we stayed on target consistently throughout the tender documentation.

    “Jordan has a great feel for a customer’s needs and aspirations, through thorough research of background material to personal contact strategy.

    “Jordan demonstrated a keen sense of what mattered to the customer, and her prose in the key frontpiece, the Executive Summary, was appropriate, emphatic and balanced.

    “I recommend Jordan to others open to a new way of expression in the difficult world of tendering.”

    Alan Burns
    Director – Sales and Marketing
    Bombardier Transportation Australia

    (Bombardier is the world’s largest manufacturer of railcars)


  • Transport, Freight & Logistics

    The depth of understanding of the client’s world that is required to unearth all possible avenues for differentiation is probably at its most intense in the transport, freight and logistics sector.

    One of the most commoditised industries, it’s not good enough to offer loose, unsubstantiated reassurances about service levels, for example. One of the ways to avoid this tender trap is to develop a focus on the client that is inherent in every aspect, and every phase, of a pursuit.

    Think & Win Bids:  Winning High-Value, High-Stakes Bids through Superior Questioning, Listening and Thinking Skills’ by Jordan Kelly

    “We have included your books for distribution to our teams around the world . . . ”

    Don Braid
    Group Managing Director
    Mainfreight Limited

    A New Zealand-Based Global Enterprise

    ‘Conveyed Our Message Clearly & Succinctly’

    “Jordan has helped us immensely in conveying our message clearly and succinctly. When it comes to sharing the story, she has an amazing ability to script it.”

    Paul Crowley
    Vice President
    South Pacific Eagle Global Logistics (Aust.)
  • Utilities, Energy, Water & Wastewater Services

    Another highly commoditised space, these industries require serious smarts to drill out all points of meaningful differentiation in a submission, beyond the obvious.

    The opportunity to differentiate more broadly than the already well-recognised industry imperatives, starts with the ability and willingness to acquire a deep understanding of the uniquenesses of the client’s world.

    I’ve led strategy formulation and submission writing endeavours for international specialist consultants and Tier One constructors in dam design and construction, in recycled water plants, and in wastewater treatment plants. In every case, I’ve identified and optimised subject matter experts’ contribution potential to place our team ahead of a highly competitive field.

    JK Bid Critiquing ‘Breaks Insular Group-Think’

    “In the high stakes, ultra-competitive infrastructure services market, true insight and strategic excellence are invaluable in achieving success.

    “Jordan practices what she preaches, and has the ability to provide an independent and insightful critique of the kind that can break the insular group-think that major bid teams can self-create.

    “I can recommend Jordan as an advisor to teams looking to check and challenge themselves and their strategies for success before finding out the hard way.”

    Rod Naylor
    General Manager
    Veolia Water North America (New York)

    Assistance with TeleGrid’s Strategic Planning Process

    “Thank you for your input and assistance with the development of TeleGrid’s strategic planning process. We found your knowledge and insight into the marketing process interesting and stimulating.

    “Your quick grasp of the issues facing TeleGrid and your suggestions for change, based on your obviously sound experience, were both useful and achievable.”

    Amal Hanna
    Manager – TeleGrid
    TransGrid Sydney, Australia
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