Rules Of Engagement

Have the Will to Win?

Not Enough. You’ll Also Need Discipline, Tenacity & Self-Sacrifice.

You’ve likely arrived at because you’re scanning the horizon for serious options to hone your team’s skills and smarts when it comes to decimating the enemy.

And whether that takes the form of winning a mission-critical bid battle, the longer-term war of an ongoing pursuit, or generally rising above the field of competition in the marketplace, the qualities required are logic, strategic smarts, precision organisation, and military-style discipline and tenacity.

The least popular of all of these are discipline and tenacity. These qualities don’t always come as natural accompaniments or extensions of the others. In fact, sometimes the most intelligent, most creative members of a team are those that are most opposed to the efforts of the leader (assuming they’re not actually the leader themselves) to enforce discipline and to push hard for the exercise of tenacity.

Yet these are the precise qualities that often exceed all the rest in the fight – whether a hard and fast battle, or a long, drawn-out war.

And these are what I require if I am to work with you. I don’t take kindly to being expected to run an extended recreation exercise when I’m endeavoring to help you and your enterprise run a high-performance bid or pursuit. I’m in it to win it. I expect you to be, too.


If your team is in a war room coaching session with me – whether by phone or in-person – and there are members going AWOL in the middle of the discussion or checking their emails, texts and news feeds . . . well, let’s put it this way:  You wouldn’t be. You wouldn’t be working with me. You’d have been smart enough to glean from this website that my motto is that discipline undergirds victory. And you’d have floated off somewhere more casual, easier-going, less demanding, less expectant of your personal and collective best.

Similarly, if you’ve tasked me with providing commentary and guidance on key written pieces of your submission . . . and you miss the Wednesday COB deadline you committed to, saying you plan “to do a big weekend on the bid”, don’t kid yourself. If you couldn’t discipline yourself to keep a workday commitment, you’re not going to suddenly find yourself bursting with discipline on Saturday afternoon.

In summary, and consistent with the points I’ve made in the Modus Operandi section of this website:  Victory (that is, consistent victory) requires military-style order, determination and commitment.

The heads-up I gave in that section shouldn’t go unheeded:  My style is not for the laidback or the faint-hearted. Read what clients have said here  Note that in amongst the multiple pages of glowing testimonials are several that indicate I’m a formidable drill sergeant, who’s tenacious in the quest for victory on behalf of her clientele.

Both my war room coaching, and my in-the-field mentoring, are based on tough love. So first:  Check in at your camp and ensure a consensus on the importance of victory to your side. If it’s paramount, great. We’re ready to plan for battle. Together.

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