John Major

“Alliance Network International recently contracted with Jordan Kelly to assist us with developing an overall strategy and putting together a tender for a very large bid that was crucial to the long-term growth of our business.

“Jordan lead us down a strategic assessment path that formed an essential part of the overall document development process. She guided our executive team through many fascinating and highly productive processes to achieve a truly strategic bid, at every level; a bid that has demonstrated to us that a winning strategy is also able to bring objectivity and reason to a price-focused client.

“The extremely effective techniques used for drilling down into the individual areas of the tender, identifying the perfect strategy to underpin each and then putting it all together in a document that easily flowed from section to section to provide an overall ‘big picture’ is a tribute to both her strategy and writing skills.

“An additional and unexpected benefit was the learning we received through her teaching ability and her valuable knowledge transfer focus throughout this whole process. The bid development processes that Jordan has led us through will be used in our future tenders.”

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