Nicholas Dal Sasso

“Our weekend workshop by Jordan Kelly helped me see the bid evaluation process from the client’s perspective. I now cringe when I look back on some of the bids and client communications I have sent in the past. Her unique perspective was exactly what I was looking for, for our sales and marketing team and all the participants were very impressed with both the content and the delivery.

“I can honestly say that the concepts that Jordan uses have already become part of the way we work and interact with our clients, not only in the realm of a bid, but also in day-to-day interactions. Whilst not for the faint-hearted, Jordan’s workshop lead us through the bid strategy formulation process in a way which completely changed the way we approach our clients. She does this, not by formulas or templates, but by a complete paradigm shift, which truly changes ingrained behaviours.

“Thanks, Jordan, for what should become a pivotal moment in the history of our company.

“PS: It is amazing! Even with general customer correspondence, you have managed to instil a deep-set change in the way I am communicating with my customers.”

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