Prepare & Position Your Assets for Victory in Mission-Critical Pursuits

Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.

– Sun Tzu   544 BC–496 BC

And so it is with the planning, pursuit and capturing of mission-critical competitive territory in the commercial context.

Whether the objective is the taking of key terrain held by a rival in the marketplace, protecting your flanks in your own incumbency territory, or a manoeuvre out into new market spaces, employing the tenets of a skilfully planned and executed battle will greatly enhance your chances of victory.

Whether your preferred strategy is diplomacy or full-scale combat, your performance in the field – from your intel agents and other frontline operatives, right through to your support troops – depends on your skill in, and diligence of, preparation.

And whether your resources are at boot camp or advanced intelligence level, your capability depends on the attitude of your resources towards constant upskilling – whether individual or collective.

The bidding war is – as the great ancient Chinese General and military strategist, Sun Tzu, wrote of war in its general sense – an “art”. And an art where, to win, requires relentless preparation and merciless sharpening of the sword.

I’m here to guide, mentor and coach you as you plan and prepare for battle, and as you then move forward to execute your strategies in the field . . . slaying all rivals before you.

The general who wins the battle makes many calculations in his temple before the battle is fought. The general who loses makes but few calculations beforehand.

– Sun Tzu

For those who want or need to maintain secrecy in their exercises and pursuits, avail your assets of the comprehensive, easily-assimilated, highly participatory and motivational eleven-module training manual set I’ve created just for you:



(Series 1: Boot Camp)

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Hi Jordan,

“Taking your recommendations we approached the bid from a new perspective and it has paid quick dividends. So thank you for your help and I look forward to applying the strategies from Think and Win Bids during the tender phase.”

Joseph-Paul Rossi, Business Development Manager
York Civil Pty Ltd

“I worked with Jordan in 2012 on a $100m tender and I recruited her again for a separate company’s tender in 2017.

“Jordan used strategic review and comprehensive interviewing techniques to extract key information from our senior nominated staff. In each case, this process provided a concise Curriculum Vitae script tailored specifically to the tender. It was thanks to these scripts that our people were best represented as the experienced face of the company, and as such were shortlisted in an extremely specialised field.

“The process Jordan employed was very involved, and the resulting work and subsequent results exceeded expectations.”

Tim Herlihy, Operations Manager
Contract Services Australasia Pty Ltd

“Jordan was engaged by Abigroup Contractors to independently review historical bids, suggest document improvements and enhance its pre-bid smarts.

“Through a well-defined and targeted coaching program, skilfully articulated by Jordan, our bid staff gained an invaluable appreciation of the strategic importance of well-researched proposals, in-depth questioning, and forming a deeper understanding of our clients’ value criteria.

“For those companies or individuals serious about the need for their staff to actually think and so improve the ‘non-cost’ and ‘quality elements’ of their relationship contract bid submissions, I recommend Jordan to you.”

Steve Abson, General Manager – Northern Region
Abigroup Contractors (Australia)

“Jordan Kelly recently provided guidance of extraordinarily high quality to Oracle in the planning and production of an important strategic communication project.

“Her sharpness of mind, objectivity and lateral thinking skills were the perfect resources to help us clarify and convey the competitive strengths of our solution.

“Consolidating the benefits of her facilitation skills is her remarkable talent as a strategic writer. This ensured we effectively communicated the superiority of the Oracle solution.”

Cheenu Srinivasan, Director – Planning & Operations
Oracle Corporation

“Our weekend workshop by Jordan Kelly helped me see the bid evaluation process from the client’s perspective. I now cringe when I look back on some of the bids and client communications I have sent in the past. Her unique perspective was exactly what I was looking for, for our sales and marketing team and all the participants were very impressed with both the content and the delivery.

“I can honestly say that the concepts that Jordan uses have already become part of the way we work and interact with our clients, not only in the realm of a bid, but also in day-to-day interactions. Whilst not for the faint-hearted, Jordan’s workshop lead us through the bid strategy formulation process in a way which completely changed the way we approach our clients. She does this, not by formulas or templates, but by a complete paradigm shift, which truly changes ingrained behaviours.

“Thanks, Jordan, for what should become a pivotal moment in the history of our company.

“PS: It is amazing! Even with general customer correspondence, you have managed to instil a deep-set change in the way I am communicating with my customers.”

Nicholas Dal Sasso, General Manager
Ecotech Pty Ltd (Environmental Monitoring)

“The skill sets she teaches are highly relevant to our business. They can make a huge difference in converting opportunities into prospects, or even creating opportunities in the first place. She has a great coaching style, and whenever resistance arose she handled it well in my view.

“She also showed us how to weave some of her own magic through our writing, to create continuity, relevance and a compelling, readable style. I picked up some great ideas, techniques and principles in these sessions, which I’ll be putting into practice immediately.”

Alliance project manager and bid leader,
Alliance Network International Pty Ltd

“I’ve worked with Jordan for six years on many different projects and many different objectives, and I heartily endorse both her skills and her service levels.

“I am always surprised at the challenging briefs Jordan is able to execute. She can take a market sector or subject area that is completely unfamiliar to her and generate smart, insightful and implementable strategies.

“Her strategy formulation skills are complemented by her skilful facilitation, her first-class writing skills, and by the fact that she delivers on time, every time.”

Steve Abson, Chief Operating Officer
Ostwald Bros Queensland

“You have taught me a new ‘way of thinking’. No templates can take the place of analysing information for a tender process, formulating strategy and preparing a ‘tailored solution’ to suit the client. I look forward to applying these new skills in my everyday work and future bids.

“You have taught me to see bidding strategy from a different perspective. You reinforced the fact that we have to connect with the client on all levels, not just the economic level but also on the emotional level. The course was extremely intense but you kept us on the right track, keeping us focused to ensure we saw the ‘bigger picture’. It was a very rewarding session.

“Thank you Jordan!”

Steven Chir, Southern Region Sales Engineer
Ecotech Pty Ltd Melbourne (Head Office)

“The skill sets she teaches are highly relevant to our business. They can make a huge difference in converting opportunities into prospects, or even creating opportunities in the first place. She has a great coaching style, and whenever resistance arose she handled it well in my view.

“She also showed us how to weave some of her own magic through our writing, to create continuity, relevance and a compelling, readable style. I picked up some great ideas, techniques and principles in these sessions, which I’ll be putting into practice immediately.”

Andrew Paterson, Alliance Manager
Abigroup Contractors Pty Ltd

“Jordan has really given us the ability to think in detail from a client’s point of view when preparing a bid. Being International Business Manager and dealing across different continents, I can proudly say that Jordan will help you to upgrade your thinking skills when dealing with every type of bid or client.

“Her coaching is very practical, specific, logical and detailed.


Manoj Kumar, International Business Manager
Ecotech Pty Ltd Melbourne (Head Office)

“The training program she produced for us was well-organised, totally interactive and extremely challenging.”

James Agius, Operations Manager
Ecotech Pty Ltd

“Her deliberately un-templated method seemed to open up scope for more creative thinking, and the potential to identify additional angles to constructing a successful bid.”

Justin Mellors, Sales Engineer
Ecotech Pty Ltd

“You made a huge contribution to helping us think, to put ourselves in our customer’s shoes and consider what is important to them, to move away from marketing-speak, and to verbalise the real benefits to the customer.

“You taught us to ask ourselves ‘why, what and how’ questions and to look for the full answer to these questions. It is these principles that I find myself using not only in tender bids but in everyday life.”

Steve Chamberlain-Ward, Manager – Sales Strategy & Marketing
Ecotech Pty Ltd Melbourne (Head Office)

“Having recently completed an intense three-day program with Jordan, I have a totally new approach to identifying the importance of understanding the client’s world.

“I now have a better appreciation of the strategic importance of researching client needs. Jordan taught us to drill down into the detail of a tender and develop the best plan for working with the client to achieve their objectives, underpinned by our competitive strengths.”

James Agius, Operations Manager
Ecotech Pty Ltd Melbourne (Head Office)



Short, sharp and shiny radio segments full of ammunition to boost your planning and preparatory capabilities, your battle-readiness,
and the in-the-field execution of your pursuit strategies.

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